Attn: Fundraisers, Introverts, and Small Non-Profit Workers...

Discover the Powerful Secrets You Can Use To Easily Raise the Money Your Non-Profit Needs…

Even In A Recession, If You Hate Events & Never Want to Ask Anyone for Money

From the Desk of Alena Plavsic

Re: The Big Problem With Your Fundraising Right Now

Dear Fundraiser,    

The following message is for every new fundraiser who is struggling to make money for their charity, because…  

When you work for a small nonprofit, you know how difficult it can get.  

You know that you don’t have extra time to work on projects, or money to try new helpful software, even a support staff to rely on.  

The problem is…    

It’s all down to you.    

You’re the one who needs to raise the money so that your wonderful non-profit can continue its work…  

You’re the one who needs to make sure that you and any other staff members actually get paid…  

You’re the one who needs to make sure that small daily tasks, as well as forward-looking strategic planning are implemented.  

That’s a lot of responsibility to carry on your shoulders. And it can be incredibly overwhelming.

But That's Not The End Of The Problem...

You’re constantly worried that if you don’t make enough money for your organization, your charity will have to cut its programs vulnerable people rely on for their very survival…

Your dreams of helping others will turn out to be just that – dreams…  

You and your staff will be out of a job…  

And , worst of all, your non-profit might have to close its doors - on your watch…  

That’s a lot of responsibility to carry on your shoulders. And it can be incredibly overwhelming.

In fact, did you know that according to the latest research by Chronicle of Philanthropy one out two fundraisers are planning to leave their non-profit job in the next couple of years?

That means 50% of fundraisers are tired, burned out, and simply fed up.  

The reason? Too much responsibility and not enough support.   This means that you, too, might be in danger of burning out and leaving. But what about your dreams of making the world a better place?

If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and close to burning out, I’m glad you’re here.

Because the good news is: you can have it all

Yes, you can work at a small non-profit and do good in the world, and not get burned out.  

Because all you need are step-by-step instructions on what to do when - from someone who knows what it’s like for you.  

Luckily for you, there’s a solution!  


  • If you’re a new or struggling fundraiser who wants to make $$$ for your non-profit but feels alone and overwhelmed with conflicting fundraising advice…

  • If you’re desperately trying to do all your tasks without seeming to get anywhere…

  • If you’ve been dreaming for an easy system that would put all your fundraising woes to rest…

Here’s the answer you’ve been looking for…

Introducing Fundraising from Scratch – The Perfect Recipe for Raising The Money Your Non-Profit Deserves

Fundraising From Scratch helps you:

  • Make fundraising profitable and fun again!

  • Put an end to the struggle of raising enough funds for your non-profit

  • Get your campaigns done fast and stress free

  • Stop wasting time and money on programs designed for large charities with bigger budgets and support staffs

  • Focus on what will fill your charity’s coffers now, so you don't have to worry about money again

  • Build relationships with your donors so they can’t wait to support your cause

  • Save yourself from pursuing too many projects that lead your non-profit nowhere

  • Amaze yourself with your new ability to build a rapidly growing fundraising program that brings in money!

  • Avoid begging for donations with weak, limp fundraising language that doesn’t tug at your donors’ heart strings

  • Skip past common mistakes most small non-profits make

  • Create a custom plan just for your non-profit that will tell you exactly what you need to focus on now to raise the funds you so desperately need

  • Put an end to exhausting and soul-draining fundraisers that don’t bring in any money

  • Set your charity up for fundraising success based on time-tested advice that works again and again

  • Understand the hidden secrets of raising money only successful fundraisers know

  • Find out where your ideal donors are and how you can get them to support your organization

  • Understand why you’re doing your donors a favor when you’re asking them for money

  • See how one quick fix can rapidly improve your donor retention rate and increase their life-time value

  • Quickly figure out if your fundraising is actually working

  • Anticipate the pitfalls you will encounter on your road to success and know how to avoid them

  • Surprise yourself with how well you understand your prospects and donors – and what it does for your bottom line!

  • Make sure your donors read and actually enjoy your communications (that’s where the money is!)

  • Persuade your donors to joyfully give to your cause again and again

  • Understand what you should and shouldn’t worry about, so that you never again waste time and effort on strategies that don’t work for you!

  • Know how to stand up to pressure from your boss, board, donors (or non-donors!), or anyone else who thinks they understand fundraising better

  • Gain confidence in knowing that you’ve chose the shortest path to your charity’s success

  • Know exactly how to communicate with your donors – for great financial results

  • Understand what donors actually want from your organization (it’s not what you think!)

  • Really get into the donors’ mind, so that they feel like you understand them and want to support you with their donations!

  • Uncover where most small (and large) non-profits go wrong – and how it makes them lose donors

Who is Alena Plavsic and Why Should I Listen to Her?

Alena Plavsic is an expert in small non-profit fundraising, as well as a multi-million-dollar fundraiser and copywriter.

  • Raised over $8MM for various nonprofits

  • Graduate of George Mason University and American University

  • Self-taught, million-dollar copywriter

  • Fundraiser since 2008

  • Wrote fundraising letters that made over 1/3 million dollars in 6 weeks or less

  • Turned around her non-profit from surviving to thriving

So, as you see, Alena Plavsic is uniquely qualified to help you understand everything you need to know about raising funds for your small non-profit, especially if you’re overworked, stressed, underpaid, and alone.

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It, Take a Look At This…

“Reading Alena’s book is like going to lunch with fundraising colleagues and happily talking shop – that table full of nerds over in the corner.

“Your donor told you what?

“You’re an introvert? How do you handle asking?”

“When I tell you this, you’re going to think I’m a total fraud....”

You know how it goes. You connect. In the best way possible, you discover what’s up in fundraising. From people like you who know something you don’t yet know.

That’s what this book is. Amiable. Nerdy. Fun. Transformative.

So dive in and start reading. This stuff goes down easy, and you’ll enjoy the conversation. And you’ll learn a lot about fundraising.”

Jeff BrooksAuthor, Coach, Speaker

(also known as America's Top Fundraising Writer)

jeff brooks

When you get Fundraising From Scratch today, you get:

  • The exact blueprint you need to follow for your non-profit’s success, so that you never have to wonder if you’re doing the right thing again

  • A deep dive into your donors’ mind, so you can improve relationships and raise more funds for your charity

  • A treasure map for reaching your fundraising goals

  • The systems you can’t live without and dispense with the ones you don’t need

  • The one type of popular fundraising you should steer clear of

  • A unique way to radically improve your fundraising by understanding this one thing about your donor

And more!

Total value: $297

This book will give you much-needed peace of mind about the future of your wonderful organization. You will finally be able to sleep at night knowing that your charity will not close its doors on your watch.

Better yet…

When you follow the steps outlined here, you might even make your first million and plant your feet firmly onto the road from survival to thriving!

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  • Advice on how to talk about your cause in a way that helps donors fall in love with your non-profit

  • The real reasons your donors are leaving you and what you can do to stop it

  • Complete system for fundraising for tiny teams (even when it's just 1 person)

  • Secrets of successful fundraising for introverts

  • Actionable, bite-sized advice on how to get started immediately

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  • A deep understanding why asking donors for money actually makes them happy

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Alena Plavsic

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